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charlie, computer cat

January 2018



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charlie, computer cat

So, the scuttlebutt seems to be that Peter Jackson has optioned naominovik's Temeraire series. I'm not sure what to make of that - visually I'm sure it'll be fab but both King Kong and LotR have left me somewhat dubious about his ability to actually tell a story - King Kong, way way too bloated, LotR, missing what I considered to be the point of some of the characters. Still, it should be gorgeous, and I think Temeraire will be a lot easier to film without annoying me than LotR because there'll be less temptation to change the original story. And, of course, who knows whether it'll really happen - it's a long long way from option to screen.

For reasons unknown I seem to be in a bad mood today. I think it's because I need a new plan and I don't have one now, nor do I really have the energy to make one. Also, I have just twigged that I have gone straight from stress eating to bordom eating. This is not a good thing, oh no. I need interesting things to do - anyone want me to make a style for them maybe? I can do LJ or Scrapbook. Or any other suggestions? I find reading at work only works for short periods - I think my body is just too adapted to lounging around while reading to be comfortable doing it at a desk.


With you in the bad mood club.

Perhaps you should take up knitting, or would that be too obvious? I don't know how much you actually have to *look* as if you're working...

You could learn a new language?
Yeah, unfortunatly, I think my boss would start to ask questions if I went for knitting :)

Language is not a bad idea - I wonder if there are any good writing/listening courses out there...
If you are bored enough to make me a style, you may do so ;-) Things I like are : cats, bees, purple...

Pubmeet tonight though maybe, yeah?
Yeah, looks highly likely. Only regular I haven't heard from so far is Jeremy so I figure we'll go for it. Will make post when have looked at "where" responses...
If you can't do it already, there's always touch typing (though that might look just a shade suspicious if everyone knows you're not busy).
Oh and Wikipedia editing is evilly addictive - there's no way you'd have time to boredom eat if you got into that.
I can already touch type, unfortunatly, otherwise that would be really good. It was one of the really useful things I got out of our commodore 64 - I even do it with the correct fingers and everything!
take up a new dance class? d=

if you're desperately bored, i wouldn't mind a style too x=
Ok, but you have to give me an idea to work with (or even better a sketch of what you want)
along the lines of shopping and pampering oneself! pictures (real, or cartoons) would be nice, but no human faces please.

preferably a layout that does not involve calendars, page summaries or tag lists please.

is this the sort of information you were looking for?
Yeah, that's good. I'll see what I can come up with from there...
yay, thanks!