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charlie, computer cat

January 2018



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laden coal creature

Somewhat better week this week - feel like I'm catching up to myself. The visit of the academy person went off fine and I managed to earn some brownie points by pulling off the latest data and tabulating it nicely for our new interim head. I think Target Tracker is actually not bad for data analysis, although I don't particularly like it as a formative assessment tool and it annoys me by always being set too zoomed in when I first open it up. Still, I think given how simple it was for me to get the figures, I'm not sure that she should have been that impressed! Then, next week is a quite straightforward week, which is good - I'm on a course one day and my cover has offered to sort out her day herself, so that's helped. Also, having done two Big Writes in a row, I've got a few week's break from that, which gives me time to catch up on the marking. I might end up taking on even more responsibility after more changes this week, but if so, I should get more time out of class so hopefully that won't be too much of a problem.

It's the worst type of weather here today - it started off snowing, and now it's raining so it's cold and horrible but unlikely to lead to any kind of day off, which is irritating. Ah well.