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Safe arrival

I had mentioned to several people how excited I was about the prospect of driving down to my parents for the weekend. I haven't driven for ages and I really miss it - for some reason, I find it a very restful activity. What I didn't mention was that I was a little nervous too. It was well over 18 months since I'd last driven and I'd never done a journey this long on my own. What if I couldn't get the hang of the clutch again? What if I got lost?

It turns out that my fears were groundless. The little car, apart from having a very high biting point for the clutch was a pleasure to drive, and despite the less than perfect conditions, I didn't get lost once. And I still enjoy it every bit as much as I remembered. Something about the style of concentration that you need I find very comfortable. I found myself thinking "I could get used to this." Ah well, maybe if I get a few raises :)

Visiting home is as pleasant as always. Today was shopping trip (M&S vouchers well and truly spent and then some!) followed by dinner at the St Benedict's restaurant - a very fine venue indeed. Jasmine tea smoked goose salad (!) followed by venison douche and then port and cheese has left me quite sleepy, but (surprise, surprise) not quite to sleepy to pop onto LJ before bed :)
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