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Well, I have to say, doing consultancy has not turned out to be nearly as bad as I feared. There have been no questions I wasn't able to provide reasonable answers to, and there have been no horrible crashes, which is a relief. It's mostly been confidence building stuff, showing them how to perform tasks they'll need to do and suggesting ways to implement their policies in SPOCC.

I have to say, it's been confidence building for me as well. It's been very relaxed and easy going, I haven't felt put in a spot or anything. It's partly because nearly all the bugs are ironed out of the program now so I've been able to be fairly confident that nothing horrible is going to happen, but I think I could do this again. It's much better than the sort of earlier meetings we did where we were hammering out a spec and things tended to go off on tangential policy discussions and so on, where you're never sure whether you've quite made clear the limitations of what you will actually be able to do for them. It's been focused and clear. Maybe doing more of this won't be so bad.
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