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I am getting really sad, I have to say. In my constant quest to loose weight but still be able to eat the food that I like, I actually went jogging this morning. Only 15 mins (all that I can cope with!) but still. How sad is that. It was just as dull as I thought it would be too. I've joined a gym but they're not going to be open until the first of May, so I'm resigned to trying other things until then. I'm quite looking forward to the gym because they have a swimming pool that I can use at a reasonable hour of the day and quite a few classes that look interesting. I'm going to be trying out a yoga / Pilates / tai-chi (sp?) one, a kickboxing / aerobics one and the traditional bums tums and thighs. I doubt I'll keep them all up, but I hope to pick a favourite (or two?) and keep going with that.

I'm also going back to a bit of detoxing this week and cutting out alcohol. Not because I feel particularly unhealthy, but because I'm slightly disturbed when I review the amount of it I've had recently. Last week, between pub quiz, night in with Alex, and nights out I was probably averaging 2/3 of a bottle a night. Which, as any reputable doctor will tell you, is *too much*. I started last Friday night, and so far I'm doing fine (I didn't even demand crisps during roleplaying!).
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