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Arrgg! Wouldn't you just know it! I have a history of being *very* hard to please when it comes to trainers (and indeed shoes in general) and normally, the ones I find that I do like are obscure brands which are designed for wearing, not for running/actual sports. The one advantage I have is that I can fit into the top end of kids sizes (UK 5), which makes them a lot cheaper. So I went shoe shopping this lunchtime with a heavy heart because I really hate having to buy something that I don't like the style of just because I need it for something. And, lo and behold, what should I find in the first sports shop I look in but a pair of trainers I actually like. Bluey grey, proper sports ones with air soles and everything. And they do them up to size 5 1/2. Or not, as the case may be. They've only got size 3. But they have got another shop at the other end of Cornmarket so I wander up there. No sign of the shoes I want. I ended up traipsing round all the sports shops in Oxford (why does Oxford need 5 sports shops, 2 from the same chain?) looking for these. Only one other store stocked them and they only had size 4. Closer, but no cigar. I tried looking at the Nike website but they don't seem to have anything as useful as a catalogue or anything like that, although you can design your own and have them embossed with your name on. I didn't even dare to look at how expensive that was (not that I was tempted, I hasten to add, but I did wonder exactly what they charged for something like that). JJB only have about 5 pairs of trainers on their website and mine's not one of them. AllSport have an SQL error which, while endearingly hapless, is not very helpful. I'll have to go back tomorrow with a digital camera and take a photo. And possibly give in and choose some trainers that I like less but do fit me.

On the plus side, I did find my watch last night though, so the fates aren't all against me.
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