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Easily pleased

I am full of geeky joy, for I have finally got my ASP to work! Yes, over lunch I have finally found the solution to using MSXML2 on my hosting company's servers (it was all a version numbers problem apparently). This means that I can use ASP to embed my journal pages and, if I set a cookie on my site to duplicate the LJ login one, I can read my private/protected entries via ASP! This is good, because no JavaScript makes my site more accessible. It's also good because I can take the opportunity to strip invalid mark-up and that means that my site validates (assuming I and my friends post valid XHTML strict - so I guess my friends page won't validate that often). It also means that I can embed the parts that LJ doesn't yet support embedding for e.g. the month view and the comments page. It also means that with a bit of clever wangling, I'll be able to bring back the icons on the main page. I want to geek all evening, but I'm going over to cleanskies for wine and Deadwood and with any luck a bit of Mucha Lucha! (Damian, what's the code for upside-down exclamation mark?)
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