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Spring has sprung

I always forget how much I like fondue. I suppose the fact is that I love cheese. Not as in music, but as in food. So fondue is Good Thing. Unfortunately, I was too pooped after staying up late on Friday and then waking up mistakenly early on Saturday morning to get the best out of it (and I wussed out and went home before the chocolate!) but still, mmmm, cheese. Maybe I should get a fondue set...

I love this time of year when things are starting to come out, the weather is starting to warm up and it all feels so promising. Saturday was beautiful. We ate lunch on the patio (sorry Alex!) and then I worked in the garden in a strappy top and sandals. Having found an appropriately sunny spot in which to settle, my Japanese maple is preparing itself to put out leaves, the plants in the newly planted border are starting to sprout and there's the prospect of a beautiful summer.

And it's annual review time at work again. These things always make me nervous. Even though I know that things with my project have gone really well, and there are already plans for new features to go into future versions and so on, I just have this paranoid fear that they'll say "Oh, well, there's not quite enough money for everyone" or something and that'll be it. I think it's a hang over from working at the bank where there were lots of layoffs happening and I wasn't really doing very much work, so it should have been reasonably likely. Ironically, in my last few months there I would have positively welcomed it as the layoff package was pretty good and I was already looking for another job but, needless to say, I don't want it nor is it likely now. Yet, my nerves remain.
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