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2 cats mad?

So, first, I would just like to say that I have the nicest landlord in the whole world! On the understanding that I'm planning to live in Union St for a while, he has agreed to me putting a cat flap into the back door! He rocks. I also have a dither. Someone at Alex's work is looking for a home for another little pussy cat. The details are

A new home is required for Jake the black cat.

Jake is a small male cat who due to change in circumstances needs a new home.

Jake is a very timid cat but very loving and affectionate once he gets to know you! Because of his timid nature he would be happy in a home with no young children.

Jake is fully vaccinated, micro chipped and neutered

On the one hand, it might be nice for Cassie to have a little friend to play with while I'm out and about. Or on the other, she might resent having to share her domain and her hugs with an interloper. Also, 2 black cats could lead to me getting confused as to which is which. With the cat flap they'd both be able to go roaming and avoid each other if they wanted. So I'm going to take advantage of this, and get you to help me decide.

Should I go 2 cats mad?


Comment and tell me why you think what you think.
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