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I had forgotten the pleasantly languid feeling that you get when you read a book the whole way through in one go. I borrowed The Changeover by Margaret Mahy from Ruth after seeing the cover bought vague memories of the story swimming to the surface of my mind when she showed us the cover at her talk on children’s SF. Yesterday evening, I had been planning to geek with the comments pages on my site, but I spotted this sitting on top of the pile of books to read in my bedroom and that was that. 3 hours later, I surfaced with that pleasantly full feeling that reading a really good book can give you. It was as good as I remembered - I always enjoy witchy symbolism and the writing style is very engaging. Shame I have to give it back really. I rarely get time to sit around and read now days - perhaps I should put off the geeking more often and indulge in forgotten pleasures.

As a contrast to this, Alex and I decided to go out to Trashy, the Zodiac's new Wednesday night. On rolling up at about 11 it was pretty empty, but in the end it filled up to just the right level - you didn't feel exposed on the dance floor but neither did you get people bumping into you the whole time. The music was a bit of a mix - what they really need is another DJ who will play some more indie ish stuff :) We had Nirvana, Guns 'n' Roses, Justin Timberlake, Kylie (I should be so lucky) and Aha - a pretty broad mix, but it could have done with a bit more new stuff. I think the only recent song I heard was Justin Timberlake, which is a bad thing. Actually, I've just remembered that they stuck Electric Six and Junior Senior on as we left, but still, that's not much. On the whole though, the music was pretty good and I can imagine going along every now and then, although, as Alex observed, I always have to be dragged out to these things as by 10pm I'm feeling pretty lazy.

I had been planning to go jogging again this morning, but was foiled by a combination of chilliness and tiredness which meant that I drifted back to sleep after Alex had left. It seems to be a pattern that I plan to go once every 2 days and actually go once every 3 days, a little like Alex's drinking plans. Perhaps if I aim for every day, I'll make the once every 2 days - stranger things have happened. I walked past the gym at lunchtime today and it's really starting to look finished. I checked with the eye people and they say I can start basically when the thing opens and, somehow, I've managed to keep quite a bit of enthusiasm for the idea.

At least not going jogging this morning meant that I didn't have to deal with the snow. It felt surreal to get up and see flakes drifting down. I wanted to protest "Hey, I ate lunch in the garden in sandals on Saturday!". But April's just like that. Changeable. I just hope that my maple tree will be OK.
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