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Stiff and sore

For no readily apparent reason, my legs are completely knackered today. They were a little sore behind the knees yesterday, which I put down to walking to work and back and from the office to the YHA several times, but today, that's back with extra and my right leg hurts all down the outside, giving me a limp when I start walking until I get into the swing of it! Bodies eh.

Which reminds me. The gym opens today. I'm going for my first class tomorrow, which is body combat. I couldn't see a bums tums and thighs one after all, so this is going to be my aerobic-y energetic class. If I can manage it, of course. Then in a week or so, I'll get a one-to-one session (free as part of the induction, I hasten to add) where someone will work out a plan for me to use the machines. In my tiny way, I'm quite excited about it.

Also, I've just heard from Alex that his DJ superstardom is to be delayed again. Apparently, Richard will explain all at the weekend. Possibly.
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