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Out of breath

I got a phone call from my Mum this morning to let me know that my Nan's had another heart attack and has been taken to hospital. Apparently, she'd been having mini-heart attacks in her sleep for a couple of weeks but they couldn't do anything about it without doing a bit of exploratory surgery which is not encouraged for old ladies generally. My granddad had been about to faint when he spoke to Mum and my Aunt, the only one of their children who lives close by, was having a bit of a panic attack and had to be calmed down over the phone. Like me, my Mum always seems to get the role of sensible grown-up one. So far, so worrying.

So when I got a phone-call from Mum just before I was about to go to my gym class, I answered it with extreme trepidation, as you can imagine. Fortunately, the news is good. She's in a stable condition again and Mum even got to speak to her - sounding pretty rough, but still hanging on in there. I should have been expecting it really. After all, neither of them has had a heart attack or stroke or fall for ages. I think this might be her 4th serious one. They'll just give her another lot of pills to add to her pharmacy and send her home.

After that excitement, I headed out to try out the new gym for the first time in a Body Combat class, which is a bit like Boxercise only with kick-boxing. It was quite fun in an odd way, and after I'd had a quick shower and got my breath back it left me with that slightly energised feeling that aerobic exercise sometimes gives you. The class itself was pretty tiring and after I got out, I treated myself to an M&S Vanilla Bean and Maple Syrup smoothie with my lunch to celebrate my first steps, punches and kicks on the road to fitness. In a week or so, I'll be getting my personalised program and then there'll be no stopping me.
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