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Where was I going?

Honestly - my absentmindedness wins out over my good intentions every time. I'm trying to eat more healthily again, so I'm having breakfast (small bowl of cornflakes) and am trying to remember to bring in a packed lunch of wholemeal bread sarnies with me as this is both healthier and cheaper than most of the alternatives. Unfortunately, any slight disruption in my morning routine leads me to forget to make the bloody things and then I have to go out and buy sandwiches. I'm trying, honest I am.

I've been having lots of fun with S2 over the weekend, and have now managed to customise the read comments page as well. I'm not totally happy with the way the threading is displayed, but overall, I'm pretty chuffed. I think (hope) they're working on the reply page next, cos I want more to play with!
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