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Photos and web whacking

After promising and promising, I've finally got the new version of the gallery, complete with some brand new photos. You can cut it by person, place or category but I haven't actually entered much except the people for most of the photos. That's the next bit. I've also uploaded a few new ones.

How many photos do people think per page? I like having a few of the most recent ones up there, but I'd like to follow it with a selection of random older ones. And some of the people pages will get a bit unwieldy soon, so I need to set up some sort of skip function for that.

I've been thinking that I might package up the gallery pages and the quote stuff for people to download if they want. Not that anyone would particularly, but I'm quite pleased with them :)

On my to-do list: sort out my LJ icons, write book review post, update currently and previously, answer a few more G/UNK requests so I can get another review, do embedding documentation, Caption, do RPG shopping, finish photo captioning. Yikes. I hadn't realised there was so much on it!
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