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Rushed off my feet

I seem to have so much to do at the minute - again! The trouble is, it's all interesting stuff and most of it is stuff I've volunteered for. It's also mostly quite large chunks of stuff so I can't give it half an hour here and half an hour there very well. I've got a burgeoning idea for how to get Alex's comments/entry posting working but I really need an evening of fiddling around to see if I can get it working. I'm pretty close with the embedding documentation I'm writing now, but there's still stuff to do there. I'm also getting there with the Caption leaflet, but I just feel like I'm not close enough with any of this stuff yet. I'm going out again tonight to catch The Flipside of Dominick Hide and I'll need to catch up with Buffy tomorrow so I guess I'm going to have to try and really get on with things on Saturday. In the end, there's not actually that much of it, it's just that I seem to suddenly have things on every night again!

On a slightly more positive side, I'm really pleased how I'm getting on at the gym. I've been given a short workout on the treadmill and cross-trainer and I'm trying to do it every work day that I'm not already doing a class. The idea is that it will build up my general fitness level and stamina as well as being good for my heart. In a few weeks, if I'm getting on OK, I'll be shown a more complex workout that I'd do less often (maybe twice a week) to tone up my muscles as well. It's not *fun* exactly, but it is rewarding enough that I don't think I'll have trouble keeping it up at least for a while.
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