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I am rather worried about my Treo. On Saturday it wouldn't turn on, even though I could have sworn that it had been charging up all day on Friday. When I did connect it to the power at home it allowed me to turn it on again but had lost all my data. Fine thought I, smug in the knowledge that I sync it every couple of days. Unfortunately, it's now crashing when I try to sync it. Which is bad. I've taken a load of non system stuff out of the backup directory and I'm going to try it again so if it doesn't work this time, I'm in trouble! Still, this is what I have insurance for. One of the things I like about these things is that all the data is still there on my laptop, so even if they have to replace it, I haven't lost anything.

Plus, I was planning to have left about 1/2 an hour ago so that I could cook something healthy before role-playing tonight, but it's peeing it down and I can't face it. So instead, I've turned one of the black and whites into a new icon :) I think I'm going to have a bit of a clear out of icons and get some new ones. Who knows, I may even make one myself!
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