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Curiosity killed the cat

A sudden thought has occurred to me. I'm having the decorators in tomorrow (to do the ceiling cracks and clean up after the plasterers). If they're planning to re-paint the whole of each room (living, dining, bedrooms) then it might be a good idea to keep Cassie out of the way somehow as I doubt that sticking her little nose on wet paint will be good for her. My options are

1) Shut the kitchen door. The downside of this is that the decorators have to go through here to get to the bathroom and so she may well manage to sneak through.

2) Lock the cat-flat. The downside of this is that I don't want her to get nervous about using the cat-flap again.

Perhaps I need a way to indicate that the cat flap is closed. Maybe I could drape something over it. What do you think?

How should I keep Cassie out of the way?

Shut the kitchen door
Lock the cat flap and drape something over it to show it's shut
Just lock the cat flap - it won't particularly worry her.
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