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I think that when they train gym instructors, they must really drill into them that they should be encouraging. About every 5 minutes in combat class, Marlon says "Good work". It's like a reflex. Cerys (?) says "That's great, guys" and "Great stuff, guys" but that's the only difference. I think that I'm getting on OK at the gym - I've been every day this week - although my abs are completely knackered after the synergise (yoga type stuff) class I did on Wednesday. And apart from my lapse on Monday, I've been pretty good on the food side of things too. Unfortunately for me, my body is very stubborn about shedding weight so I may not see the benefit for a while.

I find myself hoping that the weather doesn't get any warmer this weekend. At Comics 2002, it was boiling hot which made the venue murder to be in - stuffy and uncomfortable with nowhere to sit down. Hopefully having slightly cooler weather and the Reckless Engineer actually open (a pub down the road) will make for a much more enjoyable convention. Metcheck suggests it won't be getting much warmer and also that by the end of next week things will be sunny again so I can have a (someone else's) birthday barbeque - yay! I love playing with fire :)

I've been thinking about getting ADSL for a while, but something else has just occurred to me. If I get ADSL, can I get a fixed IP address? If I could, I could host my own websites, potentially. It's not like I get enough visitors that bandwidth would be a huge issue, I don't think. It might cost slightly more, I suppose, but on the other hand, I wouldn't have to pay my hosting company. What do you think?
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