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Once again, my body seems to be capable of producing far more goo than should reasonably be possible. I've only got a small nose after all! Now that summer's here, I suddenly remember that our office is absolutely boiling during the summer. It seems wrong to be blocked up and boiling at the same time. Well, it is wrong, damn it!

One thing I am enjoying though, unlike white_hart is the opportunity to get out my summer wardrobe. Yes, strappy dresses are back again. I love the feminine confident feel I get from wearing pretty dresses and it's only my reserves of common sense which keep me from dashing out to Monsoon to pick a few from this years collection. I must be restrained however, and the ones I bought last year are still pretty and slimming. I'll just have to watch out that I don't get too pleased with how I look and stop making an effort on the dieting/fitness again. I only made it to the gym on Tuesday this week because I have been feeling too poo the rest of the time, but hopefully I'll get the all clear to go swimming after my eye appointment on Saturday.
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