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Slimming down?

What I need is more free time. Since I switched off the computer on Friday I haven't had a single chance to update really as now that I have real work to do I can't really write during the work day (although I did do a couple of support requests :) ). So now I've got about 3 posts to write. Really I ought to get home and put some dinner on as I'm going role-playing tonight but I've got to get one of these out or the backlog will collapse under it's own weight. So anyway, this is what I suddenly thought I wanted to write after I'd switched off the computer on Friday night and gone to get a cup of tea.

I got down to the kettle and started it off when it suddenly occurred to me that I'd had a new experience. I'd skipped a meal because I just didn't feel hungry. Now that has never happened to me before. Never. Even when I've had a nice big lunch with clients I still get peckish for some dinner. I'd been to M&S after my combat class and bought one of their pasta salads, which are fairly substantial and treated myself to a smoothie and a yoghurt because it was the end of the week. When I got home I did the washing up and thought "What shall I have for dinner". And dithered a little bit. And decided that I didn't really want anything. If there had been bread there I might have made myself a toastie but there wasn't and I didn't want one enough to go to Tescos to buy some. So I thought I'd go upstairs and work on my comics project for a bit and then sort something out when I felt hungry. So I did, and then I web surfed and then it was 10:30 and I still didn't really feel I wanted anything to eat enough to actually sort it out!

It may not sound like much to many of you, but to me it's a really big break-through. One of my main problems with dieting is that I do have a huge appetite. I often run into the problem that after I eat a sensible dinner I start feeling hungry an hour or so later and end up having a slice of bread and honey or something else fattening to top up. I've often been told that appetite is a learned response, but previously I've not had any success in reducing mine. Perhaps this is something the exercise is doing for me. Could my body be learning to use the food it gets more efficiently?
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