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The wedding

So, this weekend, it was finally time for me to go to the wedding which provoked so much debate a while back. My very first wedding. It was a civil ceremony begin held in a hotel with a rather large number of guests. We bowled up in plenty of time having negotiated the complexities of the privatised rail network and were able to fortify ourselves with tea/lime and soda before things got going. We being me and Alex of course, who I had dragged along with the intention of showing him off. With that in mind, I introduced him to my aunts and cousins, including the groom and we made polite small talk for half an hour until the service was ready to start.

The main thing that I noticed about the service was that it was so short! We arrived at about 12 and didn't leave til nearly 9 but the actual ceremony itself was only about 10 minutes long! There was no sermon of course so we could just get on with the business. The bride looked fantastic and very nearly burst into tears while exchanging her vows. It was quite a nice little ceremony with not to much emphasis put on the forever and ever part. Alex commented (having been to many weddings as a choirboy) that it didn't seem quite as serious when breaking the vows was only going to result in the law tut tuting, not a thunderbolt from heaven :)

After the service was out of the way it was on to the serious business of photographs. Those of us more tangentially connected adjourned to the terrace for Pimms, wine and chat and after a couple of hours they were ready to move on to the big group photographs which we got dragged into. The one thing about the Holiday Inn is that the car park is not the most gorgeous backdrop for your wedding photos I wouldn't have thought. Anyway, after that was finally done with it was getting on for 3 in the afternoon and we were finally about to sit down to the wedding breakfast (that's what the announcer said anyway). Fortunately, this turned out not to be cornflakes, but a really rather nice 3 course meal after which we wandered out to the terrace for a little more chat and then back into the main room for the reception.

The reception, instead of being the standard wedding disco was a karaoke affair but was brightened by having the widest selection of karaoke tracks I ever did see. They had Carmen. They had Standing Outside A Broken Phone Booth With Money In My Hand. They had Everywhere (Michelle Branch). They had 7 Nation Army (The White Stripes). They had One Of Us (Joan Osbourne). Alex and I performed the last two - I even got a round of applause! - and then we retired. Now if I could have the day without having the actual service bit, that would be perfect :)
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