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An interview from elleblue

Of course if I'm going to do these things in order of arrival, I have to do these before angelsks.

1) See my "question for everyone", and answer it, please :-)

When I was little, I used to think that everyone who had wavy or curly hair (including the little baby next door) must have had it permed, since everyone in my own family has naturally very straight hair. Around the same age, while I was still getting the idea of partial occlusion and binocular vision, I was convinced I was capable of seeing through things, at least at the edges. What crazy deductions did you make about the world at a young age?
I too was convinced that I could see through things. I was so disappointed when I realised what was really going on! I can't really think of any others now. I'll ask Mum and get back to you.

2) Are you bothered by the atheistic tendencies of a lot of ousfg members?
No. I assume with most of them that it's something that they've thought about and come to the conclusion that they don't believe in it. Obviously that's a shame for them but I also believe that if you live a good life in accordance with your conscience then that's what counts. If you believe in God but don't live that belief that won't get you into heaven, but the reverse just might. Very occasionally, Christian bashing jokes have gotten out of hand and that can be rather hurtful, but mostly it's just in fun and I recognise that. I even own an I sold my soul to Satan T-shirt (although I never had the guts to wear it to St Aldates) :)

3) If you could magically change the minds of everyone in the UK on one single topic/question, what would it be?
Oooh, so many things I could choose. I think we should join the euro and I find the whole "Save our Pound" jingoism repulsive so that's a temptation. Perhaps change the minds of all the people who think that the Daily Mail is a sensible, right-thinking paper. I think in the end, the one I would pick would be to make it so everyone thought smoking made you look like an idiot. Then in a few years time, we'd never have to worry about smoky pubs again. And we'd save loads on the NHS.

4) If you could effortlessly change one thing about your own personality/beliefs/attitude, what would you change and why?
I would like to be less soppy. I would find myself unbearable as a partner - I'm lucky that Alex doesn't seem to mind too much. Every now and then, I kind of watch myself and cringe. A little bit of soppiness on occasion, but not too much.

5) If you were told you had to move away from Oxford, but could take Alex and Cassie with you anywhere you wanted, what would your top five new locations be, and why would you want to live there?
Hmmm. In reverse order then.
5. San Francisco. I loved San Francisco when I visited, but it does have the major disadvantage of being in America. Lots of nice second hand bookshops but no BBC. It also feels fairly friendly in a way that New York or London don't really. I didn't feel too uncomfortable even though we didn't always quite know where we were going and so on.
4. Amsterdam. Amsterdam is another city I thought was beautiful when I visited. I could have lots of fun learning the ins and outs of the city and the surrounding areas. Plus, pot :) I'd need broadband to work from home for a UK company though as I don't think I could program in another language, or at least not straight away.
3. South France somewhere. What I would like would be to find somewhere in the Dordogne or perhaps Languedoc which was positioned a little like Little Plumstead is. Out in the countryside but not far from a reasonable sized city. It's a beautiful region, very warm and I found it very friendly whenever I've visited. Plus, fantastic food both for going out to eat and for cooking and of course, plenty of vineyards :) Like Amsterdam, I'd need a broadband connection and a job working from home though.
2. York. York has a lot in common with Norwich actually. It's a beautiful old city surrounded by amazing countryside and close to the coast. I know a couple of people there and I think that I could be quite comfortable there assuming I had double glazing and central heating to keep the winter out.
1. Norwich. Norwich is actually a pretty nice place to live. It's got much better shopping than Oxford. It's got lovely countryside and good riding, plus the coast is easily accessible. Plus, of course, it's got my parents and soon my brother and his girlfriend too.
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