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The End.

Watched the last ever Buffy last night, and I have to say, I was not impressed. It was a distinctly average episode (and that's even a little kind). It had a nice idea and there were a couple of good bits of banter - I enjoyed the Buffy/Faith scene for example - there were some pretty dreadful bits, particularly with Angel.

What was she blithering on about choice for near the end anyway? None of the potentials had a choice about getting the slayerness. Only Willow got to choose. And why wait til they were already inside to do it? There didn't seem to be any need. Also, sending Angel off to hold a putative second front was dumb - if they'd failed any second front would have had no chance. I can forgive that slightly though by assuming that that was just to get him out of the way so that she could hug Spike.

Sadly, I've still to be convinced that they should ever have made Seasons 6 and 7. There's been some OK episodes, and the musical episode was great but most of Season 6 was pretty bad and while Season 7 has been much better, it hasn't hit the heights that Buffy used to. I also think that the last episode of Season 5 would have been a really kick-ass way to end the series. It was the best use of a pre-credits sequence ever, I think and it was a pretty damn good episode. That would have been going out with a bang rather than a whimper.

Oh yeah, and what's with Sky postponing the next episode of Angel to show some dumb-ass Buffy documentary (I'm assuming it was dumb-ass as I didn't watch it). Do they not realise that Angel is in a pretty exciting suspenseful place too and we want to know what happens next? Bastards. Actually, it suddenly occurs to me that they may be planning to do a double bill next week to finish up, which wouldn't be too bad. But still.
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