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I had a lovely weekend with my parents. Once again, I got a lot of pleasure from driving across country with the CD player on loud singing along. I bought the new Red Hot Chilli Peppers album for the journey, and it's pretty damn good. I'm slightly embarrassed to admit that I also bought the Girls Aloud album, because I actually really like both of the singles. I quite like it, but I wouldn't necessarily recommend it. It's a bit like the Sugababes, but not quite as good.

So, anyway. Managed to get down in plenty of time on Friday evening to go to dinner with Mum, Dad, Jill and Graham at The Lavender House, the new swank restaurant out in Brundall. It was a wonderful meal and they kept bringing you little extras. While you were sitting there with your aperitifs choosing your meal you got a little crudités, after the main course you got a little tiny glass of strawberry smoothie as a pre-desert and then with the coffees little horns with lavender ice-cream in and tiny fresh doughnuts. It was a fixed price menu, a bit like a French restaurant and the price was very reasonable for the quality of the meal (say £35 per head for 3 courses plus wine and extras).

Saturday was a little bit of shopping, although I only ended up getting a top from M&S. I am incredibly picky when shopping so it's not that surprising. It always re-motivates me to lose weight because I'm really focused on the aesthetics of my body when I'm trying things on. I may even start to post to eating_well. Anyway, we met my brother and his girlfriend for lunch at the St Benedict’s grill where they are doing specials for a fiver, which is a treat. I went for the steak, but it wasn't huge so I didn't feel too guilty. Steve and Amy were pretty well, pleased to have their degrees finished. Steve's thinking about looking for a job now, which feels weird. My brother is now a grownup! Amy's doing teacher training next year, so she won't have to deal with that stuff yet. Mum, Dad and I went to see Linda Smith live at the Playhouse in the evening, which turned out to be really really funny, although, as is often the case, I can't remember the jokes now.

Sunday I was indulged in my desire to see the sea again. We went to Waxham beach for a walk. It was incredibly windy but that just made the sea look really cool and gave us the beach all to ourselves. I really enjoyed it.

Once again, I'm surveying my week thinking "What a lot to do!". Tonight is pub night, then tomorrow is, potentially, Cory Doctorow at ousfg. Thursday will be a night off, thus far and then Friday is coalescents birthday, which looks like being great fun. Then after that I'm going to see my Nan on Saturday, meeting my parents there and bringing them back to Oxford for dinner before they go to the Royal Show on Sunday which is, mercifully, looking like another day off for me. And then as well as that, I have had an idea for a workshop for Caption which I should write up and then bully someone into volunteering to run and I need to sort out the Caption mailing list and then send another mail out! And work on my minicomic. And then I really want to get some support done, try out my checklist, that sort of stuff. And learn CVS so I can get going on the XHTML-ing. So I'd better go and get on with it really.
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