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I'm going on the London Eye tonight for the first time, which should be great. I hope we get good weather, although I can imagine rain being pretty interesting too. Maybe a thunderstorm would be good :) It suddenly occurs to me that some of the people on the invite list are Nialls other internet friends, who I have met only through LJ comments - perhaps we should all wear badges with our usernames on!

Forgetting that I was already going out to dinner with Niall tonight, I also agreed to go out for a pub lunch with the guys from work. It's now a year since I started at OCC, so I thought it would be rather nice but in retrospect, I have a horrible feeling that I'm going to put back on the 3 pounds I discovered yesterday that I'd lost. Particularly because if I ever get round to booking it I'll be going to dinner with my parents on Saturday night as well.

What with pub at lunchtime and dashing off to London after work I'll be missing my combat class again this week :( Apart from this Friday and last, when real life got in the way, I have been to the gym every work day that I've been well. If only I wasn't going over to Nan's tomorrow (which is where I'm meeting my parents and bringing them home with me, you see) I could have gone and got a free sports massage from Marlon, the cute black guy who does the combat classes. I might still pay for one one of these days - they're not that pricy I don't think and I love massage. Anyway, I've been really pleased with myself about my gym work - I can now do 10 mins on the cross trainer although I'm good for nothing afterwards! I've got into a good routine where I work out and then go to M&S and get one of their Count on Us pasta salad things which are really substantial but only about 4 (weight watchers) points. I'm kind of semi on weight watchers again, but where I tend to come unstuck is accounting for things like drink where I'll go to the pub and forget about it and then next morning I can't remember how much I had so I don't know if I went over and need to compensate. One of the good things about working out though is that it's worth at least 3 extra points so I do have a lot to spend. And as I said earlier, when I weighed myself I had managed to lose about 3 pounds and that's even with last weekend's extravagance so I'm feeling pretty good about it. I've even joined eating_well although I haven't actually posted yet. For some reason the fact that it's full of people I am aware of tangentially through others (zoo_music_girl mostly) makes me feel much shyer about posting there than I would be if it was just random users. Go figure. Perhaps I'll restart my diet filter.

Which reminds me actually, that I've created a support filter so I can post stuff about doing LJ support without those of you who think I'm nuts for doing it anyway being bothered by it :) I've added all my friends who actually do support to it already, but if anyone else wants to read about that stuff, comment and I'll add you to it. Or indeed, if those who are in it get entirely enough of support already, comment and I'll remove you :)

And now for random stuff. One of the nice things about having satellite is that I get to use the "pick your game" thing on the BBC Wimbledon coverage so I was watching the beginning of a doubles match between Hantucova/Rubin vs 2 women who's names I can't remember. It was the opening service game with the other pair serving and the score was 0-15 (or possibly 0-30). The girl served and the line judge called it out but was immediately overruled by Rubin who at the net! It was just a really generous sportsmanlike thing to do and it's one of the reasons that I like doubles - that players don't get so het up about it and feel able to be generous and play the game the way it should be played. It was the last evening I'm going to get to spend with Rachel last night as she's going home on Sunday and I've got a pretty hectic schedule till then so we got a bottle of wine and some picnic food and sat on the living room floor chatting and watching the tennis. It's been really nice having her (although I do suffer from that housemate thing where I'm sure I do more washing up than she does) and it's been great to see her actually enjoying her course (cartography) and do really well. She's now come out of it with an idea of the sort of work she'd actually like to do, rather than just feeling lost as she did after her maths degree. It'll be strange to be on my own again, but in some ways I'm looking forward to it too. Just stuff like being able to whack a CD on at 10 in the evening without worrying if she's being disturbed by it. Not having to share the net access point. Never coming home to find that Dawson's Creek is on TV :) Begin able to wander downstairs naked without worrying that she'll be embarrassed (my problem is that I have to concentrate to remember about inhibitions with stuff like that :) ). But then again, no-one to chat with when I've had a bad day and want to blow off (and Alex is busy). No-one to watch Cassie being silly with me (and laugh). Of course, Alex will fill all these functions when he moves in, plus hugging and not having some of the disadvantages :) I guess I'll just try to make the most of the situation I'm in, whatever it is.
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