March 2nd, 2019


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My enthusiasm for the veg patch seems to continue unabated this year - I have lots of things I want to grow and the wheelbarrow will be making a reappearance to give me more growing space in the sunshine. It has gone together with my renewed enthusiasm for finding a good, farm-shop butcher (which I think I have done, by the way) and it felt very much in keeping when, while in there last week for the meat shop, I spotted that they had boxes of beets in. Rather than, as I would have previously done, just sort of dismissing them with the thought that I quite like beets but am not sure what to do with them, my reaction was "ooh, beets!" and to immediately try to decide what I could cook with them when I bought them home. Unsurprisingly, they will be back in this year's veg plot and we're having the farm shop ones tonight with chicken and goats cheese - should be lush!