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tinyjo's day off

I had a rare treat this weekend. A day off. A day for which I had nothing planned. Once in a blue moon, I tell you. Alex wasn't so lucky, having arranged to meet his ex-girlfriend in London to look at photographs. I suppose I could have tagged along, but the open vistas of relaxation spread before me and I decided not to bother.

Having spent the morning relaxing in bed doing a bit of reading and listening to the Saturday morning radio I hauled myself up at the reasonably respectable hour of oh, 12:30 say and wandered into the garden to enjoy a milkshake and more book before getting down to the main item on todays agenda - tidying up the garden. Between the elder, the brambles the ivy, and other misc tall green things springing up at the edge of the patio it had been looking rather unkempt/straggly but no longer. Armed with my minidisk player, secaturs and garden rubbish sacks I went to work. After a couple of hours it was looking much more kempt and rather pretty again. I even mowed the lawn, did some weeding and got the hosepipe out.

Feeling rather pleased with myself I retired for a shower and decided it was so hot I was going to just slip on a little dress and settle down on the patio with a drink and a book. This I proceeded to do, interrupted only by dinner until I decided to round of the day with a fix of bad TV and wandered inside to enjoy an episode or 2 of Charmed.

Pretty much a perfect day. If Alex had been lurking somewhere in the background for me to demand hugs as required, that would have pretty much rounded it off but at least he made his way back after his day out to give me all night cuddles.
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