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Cassie left me a mouse on the end of my bed this morning. Quite a lot of blood for such a tiny creature. She meant well, that's what I have to keep telling myself.

The office doesn't feel as oppressive as yesterday, partly because I have managed to get a fan all to myself and having it blowing into my face is just about alleviating the muggy heat for me which is something of a relief. I can't face doing cardio in this weather, so I'm just going to do the machines and sit ups part of my workout and rely on cycling to keep my heart in trim until things cool off. I hope we do get a really dramatic thunderstorm tomorrow.

I forgot to mention perhaps the most enjoyable thing about yesterdays gardening; standing on the patio with the hose spraying out across the grass and making rainbows - really beautiful. I must have spent 10 minutes flashing them on and off :)
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