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Unordered Lists

I should

  • Practise my violin more, maybe even regularly.
  • Get the pegs on my cello fixed.
  • Practice my cello more, maybe even regularly (dependant on the above, obviously).
  • Try to answer emails more promptly.
  • Find a way to ensure that I don't forget things I've said I'll do.
  • Start a savings account and put some money into it.
  • Get a quote from a tree surgeon to tame the rowan (?) at the back of my garden.
  • Start writing the booklet for Caption.
  • Make a shopping list for stuff to get for my holiday.
  • Think about my schedule before I commit to things.
  • Learn Linux.
  • Be a bit more unselfish occasionally.
  • Drink less alcohol.
  • Eat less.
  • Fix the seal round the top of the bath.
  • Get the plug in the living room fixed.

I want

  • Alex to move in.
  • My own house.
  • More free time.
  • G/UNK supporthelp.
  • To be fitter.
  • ADSL with wireless hub.
  • A wireless network card for my laptop.
  • A server, equipped with wireless card.
  • A powerbook equipped with wireless card.
  • An IPod.
  • A slimmer figure.
  • To learn French.
  • To learn Perl.
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