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IPod shortage

Hmmm. I'm going away on holiday soon, and I'd decided I really needed an IPod for this so that I could take all my music with me to enjoy. I did some figuring and worked out that I can afford one, so I started to do some looking around. I checked Apple, and Amazon and both suggested that it would take a "build time" of one to two weeks meaning that it wouldn't be guaranteed to get there before my holiday started. Not good. I popped into Dixons at lunchtime and they said no, try PCworld. So I tried ringing up my local PC world to see if I could pick one up immediately in the real world. But no. The nice young man told me that they were out of stock and that because Apple made too few of the things, they're not expecting to get more in for another 10 days or so which is cutting it pretty fine as far as my holiday plans go. So now I'm frustrated. Do I take a trip to London next weekend to go shopping? Maybe they're all sold out on TCR as well. Do I risk ordering one online if it might not turn up til I've left? What I'll probably end up doing is giving PC world another try just before I go away to see if I can manage to get one then but it's all very frustrating. Can anyone think of anywhere else in Oxford which might sell the things?
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