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I have been a bad girl this week - I haven't been to the gym once! This is mainly because I didn't get round to doing my weekend wash until yesterday evening so my kit was more than a little skanky, but still it's not great. On the plus side though, I have got some Caption things done including helping get the evening venue finalised and making a start on the booklet text. I've also done a bit of shopping in preparation for my holiday although I'm still bummed that I can't get an IPod. Ah well, next year.

I don't think I've actually mentioned this here yet but I'm going to rural South West France to stay in a tiny gite with my parents for two weeks. This should be extremely relaxing and I'm really looking forward to it - my French holidays consist of sitting around reading in the daytime and eating at French restaurants in the evening plus a bit of wine shopping :) - but it is going to entail my being off-line for the whole period, I confidently expect. I have a feeling that this will be the longest break I've taken since starting my journal and certainly the longest since getting serious about support. I will try to post the photos from my last outing before I actually leave for this one!
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