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Busy, busy

I went to Reading on Saturday. This was primarily in order to get my final after-care appointment for my eyes, but also offered the opportunity for me to do a bit of shopping. Alright, a lot of shopping. I may not have an iPod, but I do have pretty much everything else I might need for my holiday. And I nearly have a bikini. If you're very lucky, I won't post any pictures of what I look like wearing it.

I had another eye test as part of my final appointment. This has reminded me how crap I am at eye tests. I can do the chart bit OK, but when they get onto "Does the circle look rounder and clearer on the red... or the green... the red... or the green..." I'm stuck. They both look the same to me. Cue lots of ums and ahs and very hesitant answers as I guess. I must have done OK though, because instead of getting an F I was told that I don't need a prescription and everything looks very healthy thank you very much. You are now discharged. I guess I should get one of those userpics of my eye now and you can all stare at it looking for the scar :)
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