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Nearly made it!

Couldn't resist the temptation to pop into the internet cafe while I'm in Florac for the market and pop in a quick post, even though I'll be back on Monday :) We've had a great time, although the weather is so hot (close to 40 most days) that you don't really want to do anything. The house is near the top of one of the mountains here up one of those tiny winding roads with a terrace looking out across the range - it's an amazing view. I've got plently of reading done on the terrace and a pretty good suntan :) The river in the village at the bottom of the mountain is dried up so I haven't done any swimming but I've been glad of my bikini just for sitting around in. We've seen a bit of the local wildlife as we've passed through - there were wild boars by the side of the road on the way home from the resturant one evening - although Dad didn't get to see as many of the local birds as he was hoping - they've all gone in search of cooler climes, although they'll be lucky I think. There was even a forest fire over the other side of the mountain from the house. Smoke rolled over the top all evening and we got ash dropped on us sitting on the terrace. I don't think I've even ended up putting on too much weight - we've only wanted to go out for a proper meal once every 2 or 3 days and have been enjoying bread, cheese and wine apart from that. The food is fantastic - escargots of course and then things like duckling and rabbit. No wild boar on the menu yet though.

I've found it hard being away from Alex for so long but we've had a couple of phone calls and lots of texts - my phone gets better reception up the mountain than it does in North Oxford! I hear Caption's gone pretty well and Archie seems to have fixed my windows install while putting Linux on my laptop. Now that I'm all relaxed, I'm looking forward to being home again.
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