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Have managed to get ASP.NET up and running and am starting to feel a little bit better about the whole thing - it doesn't seem to be too hard to pick up, fortunately and I've got a very rudimentary search function up and running already.

I've decided to try out my Mum's advice (after all, you never know) and join Weight Watchers for a bit. I went along to a meeting this lunchtime (which was much longer than I was expecting) and got all the bumpf. I very nearly succumbed to the temptation to buy the little points database gadget which will calculate the points in a food based on sat fat. and calories for you but resisted. I'm such a sucker for electronics. Now if they had a version as a PalmOS program, that I would buy :) Today has been fine so far, but I'm taking Alex out for a bite to eat tonight to celebrate his birthday and then hanging around in the pub, so I shall have to try very hard to be good.
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