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I want my tech!

I just can't wait to get my laptop back! There's loads of little geeky tweaks I want to make to my website and I just can't face the prospect of downloading the whole thing to this computer to work on after work. I want to go home and settle down on my bed with some music on and a nice cup of tea and Cassie sitting there purring on the end of the bed and just geek away. Soon it will all be mine :) Once Alex has settled in, I'm going to spend his rent money on getting wireless ADSL set up, which is going to be pretty cool. Does anyone have any recommendations for equipment? I'll need a wireless router and a wireless PCMCIA card which is Linux compatible.

Finally managed to speak to the Inland Revenue this morning! Shock horror! Apparently they've only just noticed that during 2001-2002 I was earning enough to pay higher rate tax for part of the time and that's why they've sent me the self assessment form. I just have to complete the forms and then send them back and then write to my tax office to point out that my salary has changed and so I am no longer eligible to self-assess so they don't send me one next year. Which means that I have to fill out 2 tax forms. Boo hiss. Still, it shouldn't be too hard as I have no income other than earnings so I can just copy the amounts from my P60 and that should do it. Still, it's hassle.
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