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Catch up

I've been so busy writing about getting linux set up and doing my priv playing that I haven't yet written about last weekend. As others have mentioned, I went to Niall's BBQ where there were lots of unreal people and I ate and drank more than was strictly speaking wise. Much fun was had. I had a very animated conversation about Barkley with Geneva and was very annoyed to discover when I got home that my Complete Works has gone missing somewhere! Anyway, the point is, Barkley rocks.

Sunday it was my turn to play hostess as the CBS lot wandered round to enjoy a comics tea party. It was all very civilised. I ate blackberries, watched Damian use his mac in fascination and even got some panels done for a mini comic about my religious experience. Trouble is, I'm not quite sure how to end it - I've got nearly half way through though! I do enjoy these as it forces me to get some stuff on paper even if it's not very good.

It's nice to look back on this good stuff as I'm not having much fun struggling to force IIS to let me use https :(
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