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I need another weekend.

I can't believe I have to do a whole week of work now! I'm so knackered after the weekend, and I really ache. I'm seriously considering skipping at least some of Alex's DJing so that I can have a nice long soak in the bath. Plus I rolled over and brained myself against the corner of the chest of drawers on Saturday night and now it's really sore there. Every time I go to push a stray bit of hair out of my eyes or wipe my brow I wince. And I have to go to combat class this lunchtime. I suppose at least it will wake me up a bit. I did OK on the diet over the weekend, and I'm hoping that any excess will be counter balanced by the number of things I have lugged up and down stairs.

Between the way I'm feeling right now and the crisp September air this morning, I'm seriously reconsidering the barbeque plan. I could really do with a quiet weekend and Alex will need a while to make a dent in his unpacking so I think pushing the housewarming party back a couple of weeks might be a better plan somehow. So yeah, consider this notice of postponement.

This week, I need to:

  • Finish my taxes
  • Construct the bookcase for downstairs
  • Re-organise the stuff in the kitchen
  • Buy a linen basket

This month I need to

  • Do some work on my website
  • Start working on some more embedding tutorials
  • Get on with my Zilla task
  • Order wireless ADSL
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