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So, thanks to Stewart, I've finally got POPFile installed. It's a nifty little program which performs a spam assassin type job by sitting between my mail server and Outlook and adding a header to email that it's learned to recognise as spam. The thing is, I need to train it up so I find myself impatient to receive more spam mail! I suppose more mail of any type would do, but that's not an invitation to flood my mailbox with nonsense.

In other news I was late into work this morning after coming downstairs to discover that Cassie had a gross looking wound in her head and taking her to the vet. He said that she'd been in a fight a few days or so (looked like a tooth wound apparently) and it had abscessed. The abscess had now burst, which was good but ick. I have to say that she's been remarkably good about letting me keep it clean though - she even purred while I was holding her head in one hand and dabbing with tissue in the other! She's also back on ultra allergen free food for a bit so no-one feed her stuff at the barbeque, OK.
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