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Well, I've just done my online tax return for 2002-3, and, as I suspected, I needn't have bothered. The taxman owes me 62p. Bit of a waste of time and money really, just to find that out. I'm writing to them pointing out that I'm not eligible to self-assess and can they therefore not ask me to do this again but my hopes are low. On the other hand, it's not very tricky as because I don't have any other income (what with my overdraft, I don't even get enough interest per year from the bank to qualify) I just have to copy out my P60 in the appropriate places and that's that.

I had intended to get this done on Sunday but when I went to dial up to the magical interweb I discovered that something had happened to the phone which had gone completely dead. Fortunately the nice man from BT came round at lunchtime to fix it (although I did have to wait in from 9:30 when they called to say someone was available) but it was rather annoying at the time as apart from that I'd done everything else on the list I'd made last week and wanted to bask in the warm glow of accomplishment. And catch up on my friends page. Now I have to make a start on the "this month" stuff.

The BBQ went rather well, I thought. We ate food, I didn't go too far over points I don't think, Jeremy finished a bottle of dubious alcohol from my cocktail collection and we all sat around and chatted. Oh, and Alex got a rather nice card from Ellie, Adrian's step-daughter with pictures of Alex and I in front of the house in traditional 4 year old style which is now on our fridge. I got tired out early, as per usual and chucked everyone out at about 11pm (shockingly early!) so that I could doze off. I think that kicks in even earlier at BBQ's where you've started the thing in the afternoon. Anyway, sorry guys! I'll try to be better prepared next time (and remember to warn my neighbour so that we can sit inside and chat away after the sun goes down).

Friday night Alex dragged me out to the Phoenix to see Spirited Away*, a Studio Ghibli film. In the fine Ghibli tradition, it was a weird ass fairytale, full of bits I recognised from stories I'd heard over the years and bits which, while I didn't remember them, were full of that quality. The art was beautiful, just lovely, and the cute elements were just right - not cloying like Disney but just adding a bit of silliness to the landscape. And we got the subtitles version as well. It's on for at least the rest of this week and everyone should go and see it.

Tonight, it's Alex DJing at the Temple followed by Rachel Dadd** and KTB playing the Port Mahon. A hectic social whirl eh?

*This is flash, and hosted by Disney. Beware.
**When I google for Rachel Dadd, coalescent's post about Truck 2003 is the 7th link :)
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