Emptied of expectation. Relax. (tinyjo) wrote,
Emptied of expectation. Relax.

Busy, busy

Well, Alex is certainly getting me out of the house! Tonight will be my first night in this week, so I can sit around and geek in peace :) So far this week, I have...

Monday: KTB and Rachel Dadd at the Port Mahon. Not a trip out with Alex but with coalescent. Both ladies played very enjoyable sets and KTB seems to be well on the way to producing a second album, playing quite a few songs not on the first one. She's up for young folk musician of the year again - I wonder how young you have to be.

Tuesday: Pub as usual. Where I read an extremely pretty comic called "Animal Farm" (not the George Orwell one) which I might even buy my own copy of.

Wednesday: Pirates of the Caribean. We had planned to see Belleville Rendevous but it was sold out when we arrived at the last minute so a quick trawl of my Treo for other available films turned up Pirates which I still hadn't seen and Alex didn't mind seeing again. It was a thoroughly enjoyable film (if one where it's best not to engage your brain too much). The acting was pretty high standard (Norrington doing a double take with his back turned being particularly notable) although we wondered afterwards whether Orlando Bloom's range extends beyond straight-laced hero or not. The final fight scene was too long, but I often think that about fight scenes. Overall, thumbs up. I wonder about Pirates 2 though...

Thursday: Belleville Rendezvous. After our disappointment on Wednesday evening we'd picked up tickets to Thursday nights performance which turned out to have been a wise move because the queue when we got there was pretty busy. It was a highly surreal film. Very weird indeed. Almost no dialogue and 2 of the most bizarre chase scenes I think I have ever seen.

Who knows what's in store next week...
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