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New addiction

I did almost nothing yesterday except play Civ III. Alex had borrowed a copy from Ian and I wanted a go so once I'd made our morning tea, I set the laptop up in bed and started a game on the easiest level while Alex was reading (and giving me advice). Next thing you know, it's 4 in the afternoon! We played another couple of hours and then Alex took me out for dinner at Coco's (since I had inadvertently saved up all my points) before I headed back to wipe out the Babylonians before bed. We have our suspicions that it's about to come out in one of those cut price editions soon (copies seem pretty thin on the ground) but can we bear to wait before grabbing our own copy (which would then mean we could both play at once!)? Those of you who know me as instant-gratification girl may have a suspicion as to the answer to that!

We had a different teacher for combat today - Jez, one of the personal trainers. As he doesn't know all the routines, we did a circuit training kind of thing and got to actually use gloves and pads and hit one another (or hit pads the other was holding, anyway). It was surprisingly fun and, given that we were more or less setting our own pace at each station, surprisingly tiring. Not as hard as the normal combat work out, but pretty sweaty all the same. The most distracting thing though was that Jez looks just like a tiny (only just taller than me) Keanu Reeves. I suddenly twigged half way through who he reminded me of. More of a "Ted" Keanu than a "Neo" in those shorts though.

Finally, note to self. Must sell MCSE books/folders.
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