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I am...

When I offered to answer questions, I wasn't expecting to be thinking at quite such an existential level, but Hg's question, "Who are you?", really got under my skin. I recently updated my bio and at first I thought I could just get away with linking that, but, reading it back, it seemed more like "What am I?" than "Who am I?". I contemplated short pithy answers, I contemplated enormous essays. Finally, after I'd been thinking about it far too much, I turned to Alex for help. He suggested a slightly expanded version of the adjectives game he and his housemates used to play (describe each other / other people using one adjective), so, for now, this is my answer.

I am loving
I am determined
I am honest
I am child-like
I am geeky

What adjective(s) would you use to describe me?

Edit: Wow! Not one single spelling error (according to Microsoft Word)! I think that's a first :)
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