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My dad has now MP3'd all of his Beatles vinyl, cleaned up the crackles and pops and stuck it all on a CD for my listening pleasure. So I now have the complete range of albums plus a misc selection of single tracks which is rather fun, I have to say. The fact that they've come off the vinyl gives them a pleasant period feel. He was amazed to discover that you can actually buy all of the Beatles albums on CD at high prices - I think that because all the rest of the stuff he likes gets re-mastered so slowly he hadn't realised that the demand for the Beatles made that inevitable. I wonder which bands of today will still be so revered and widely known in 40 years time (actually, I'm having trouble thinking of any that are that revered and widely known now, but the music scene is much more fragmented than it was, I suppose).

Every time I hear the Coral track (who's name I can't remember) I am reminded that it's lifted almost wholesale from "You like me too much" by the Beatles. It's very annoying.

Finally, one of the best bootlegs I found through the Q mix weeks is definitely the Christina Aguilera / the Strokes track. So imagine my surprise when at the gym this lunchtime and I switch my headphones across to the music video TV while the Sky news one is on ad break. Playing is a fairly standard looking band - drums, couple of guitars, tall blond girl singing (but dressed as an indie kid, not a tart) and possibly playing a guitar too - who I don't recognise but the tune they're playing is one I definitely do recognise. They're performing the Strokes / Christina bootleg! Bizarre. Unfortunately, that music video channel is just put together by the club and doesn't tell you who each track is by so I can't track them down but I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for that on MTV.
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