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Making a statement

Since it seems to be going round my friends list at the moment, I might as well join in and belated celebrate National (American) Coming Out Day by saying a few words about my sexuality.

I vaguely worried about my sexuality when I was in secondary school. I didn't meet any boys I fancied at all. Although there were several girls I found very physically attractive, none of them were people I actually liked so I wasn't tempted to do any exploring and get any more definite ideas. Then when I moved to Oxford I met Alex, who I fancied a lot and fell in love with pretty damn quickly (I should point out, since Alex is a gender ambiguous name, that Alex is a boy). I also met Tanaqui and Jeremy, who were not the type of women I normally went for, but I found very sexy in a sensuous way. I've gone all the way with men and a long way with women. There are still many many more women who I find sexually attractive than men so despite my relative lack of girl on girl experience I tend to identify as bi. So there you are.
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