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I wish more weekends could be that relaxing. My parents came over to visit on Friday so that we could go see Eliza Carthy play at the Zodiac. I'd not really heard much of her stuff but the gig was fantastic and made me yearn to learn country dancing again (it's folk music by the way).

On Saturday we went for a gentle walk through University Parks towards a delicious (and not too high point) lunch at Pierre Victoire. After that we killed an hour in Borders before going for tea with Janice and Graham, old family friends, in the tea room of the university church (where I resisted cheesecake). Then it was home for soup. Mum and Dad left for home and Alex went out to the Zodiac leaving me to bum around doing support (and solving a couple of knotty requests :) ) for the rest of the evening.

Sunday we celebrated our anniversary with a lovely lazy lie in and then lunch and lounging with a brief break to go to Marios for dinner. We even had champagne :) I finished off The Separation which I think I started on Thursday. I really enjoyed it, but I think I will want to read it again - it was a very dense book to absorb at that speed. I also agree with Mike that it's not really SF.

Even the heating was OK - the landlord came over with 2 electric fires, which while rather old do chuck out an awful lot of heat so we weren't too bad, although getting up in the morning is not great and the electricity bill will be through the roof. So it goes.
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