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I've given you my soul, leave me my name!

I signed up for ebay last weekend, although after discovering that you have to pay to sell things, I haven't listed anything yet. The weirdest thing, though, was discovering that my username of choice was already taken. Before I signed up for LiveJournal, I didn't really have a handle - I tended to just use jocharman. I very nearly called my journal that but then realised I wasn't sure how much I would want my journal to be connected to me so quickly searched around for a short easy to remember handle and quickly hit upon tinyjo. These days I'm happy for people who google for me to find this journal (my current boss even read some of it before interviewing me!) but I wouldn't consider changing my username. I've made lots of internet friends for whom (I assume) tinyjo is my name, my identifier. I think of it as my all purpose internet name now. I have the domain name and everything. So when asked to call myself something else, I drew a blank. I stared at the screen thinking "huh! How can tinyjo be taken? I'm tinyjo!". In the end I was forced to call myself tinyjo_net but it feels weird. The tinyjo account hasn't been used for a while - perhaps if I hassle their support team, they'll give me back my rightful property :)

Oh, and there'll be a small prize for anyone who identifies the quote without the aid of Google.
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