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Stock take

Somehow, this seems like an appropriate time to take stock. I tend to do it at this time of year - it's like a complement to spring cleaning. The start of winter is a time I slow down and look back, wistfully, to days when it was warmer.

Work is still going pretty well. I'm at an odd stage with my project now where it's not desparately exciting - we have to get this stage done and out there for people to test and so on before we do the next stage. I'm mostly able to stick with it but I have been taking more support breaks again - a habit to watch and keep under control.

At home, I think Alex has got settled pretty well. As far as I can tell, I haven't driven him nuts yet and it's turning out to be remarkably like I hoped it would be, i.e. slightly more hugs and companiable evenings where we sit around doing nothing added to pretty much what we had before. Plus my rent goes down and my washing up gets done for me :) Cassie is going to the vet next week to get a checkup where we'll find out how her allergies are clearing up.

Family is also going OK. Mum was rather disappointed when I broke the news that I don't plan to go home for Christmas this year, but she seems to be more or less OK with it. I'm going down to Norfolk in November for a weekend to catch Jeremy Hardy and hang out with the family, which should be great and hopefully I'll be going down to London to see Mum and Dad while they visit Nan in December. I'm a bit worried about my brother, who's having girl problems - I haven't spoken with him in a while. Perhaps I'll invite him down - could he come to the bonfire party, Jenni?

Friendswise I've made a lot of new friends online this year and I feel like I've got to know my offline friends even better. Living with Rachel was pretty good, and we're going to have to make an effort to keep up with eachother now we live in different cities. Suzie, one of my other uni friends, is having an engagement party! The first of my actual contempories to get married and raising the prospect of my first actual church wedding. I also had a letter out of the blue from an old school friend a couple of months ago who I'm now in halting snail mail correspondance with.

Everything here is looking pretty good; the only dark spot I can see on the horizon are my finances. Now that my graduate account is about to expire they'll start charging me for my overdraft, meaning that I really ought to make the effort to pay it off. I have a tendancy to live just withn my income, and I'm much better at paying off things like my loan where I can't take it back again and decide to spend it on an iPod now and pay it off next month. I suppose I could open a savings account and move money into that each month so I'm not so tempted to spend it when I can't really afford it. Or only get treats out of the savings account so that I'd be restricting the amount of my money I spend on them. I suppose the fact that I've vowed not to buy clothes (unless it's urgent, like my jeans breaking or something) until I've reached my weightloss goal should help me save, and of course I'm more determined not to eat out on whim. Still, with Christmas coming up, it does need some careful watching.
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