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Caption type stuff

Amazingly for one of kev's things, there's actually 3 panels which look like they might be interesting happening at the London Comics festival - Ian, tell Ruth that there's a panel on Comics in Education at 11am.

Still no dates/location sorted for Caption - last night we managed to speak to Sal but he was maddeningly inconclusive. His plan is to wait until a group of Americans have confirmed their dates and then pick a weekend they're not using and pitch it to the bursar as "This is a dead weekend, where we could be earning money, go on, let them come". So we won't know for another 2 or 3 weeks whether thats going to come off. I get the impression Sal and the bursar hate each other, so he feels like sneaking us in would be a victory for him, which is good. Looking at the Randolphs website, we could afford 2 rooms for 2 days, but I've no idea how big they are - we should perhaps go and have a look... I've also emailed the Old Bank to get a quote from them.

So, I'll be in London, in and around the Comics fest all day Saturday it seems. Anyone want to meet up? I'm not putting my mobile number up here, but if you want to meet me and don't have it, comment here and I'll mail it to you (unless you're a stalker or an ax murderer or something).
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