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Life goes on

I wanted to call this entry "Preludes and Nocturnes" but it isn't really. It's just unconnected bits of stuff that have surfaced in my brain to post. On the other hand, I've never been quite sure what Preludes and Nocturnes are supposed to be. Beginnings and endings seems closest but also feels like a slightly wrong translation for some reason. Anyone?

I went to Suzies engagement party last night. Suz and I were very close at university, and although we haven't seen each other so much since, we've just about kept in touch. Still, this was the first time I'd physically met her fiancee even though they'd been going out for 2 years. Back in those days, I always knew that Suz had monied relatives - I even once stayed over in her aunts flat in Pimlico. While pretty big and in a great location, it wasn't otherwise awe inspiring though and so I'd never realised quite how posh her family was. The engagement party was at her Aunt and Uncles current house in Chelsea. On the shelf by the coat drop off point I noticed 2 copies of The Complete Speeches of Margaret Thatcher which seemed a bit excessive but still I didn't quite realise. We went upstairs to the main room which was large with white walls and mouldings on the coving and light fittings (I want to say Georgian but I have absolutely no idea what that would mean in terms of architecture). The party was black tie but everyone looked just right in that room - it made it look like a period drama. Early 20s high society perhaps. Jonathan (the uncle) poured us a glass of champagne each and we gave Suz her present and chatted to her, her fiancee and a few of the other guests. And had more champagne. And more. And then there was a toast. And then there was more champagne. And snacks made from smoked salmon. And mini twixes (alright, that didn't contribute to the mood so much). And yet more chamagne. Jonathan kept wandering round with an open bottle topping everyone up. We felt slightly foolish for having brought a bottle! When we left at about midnight, I counted a row of over 20 empty bottles under the glasses table. For a party of 25-30. Aparently, the wedding is going to be in the grounds of her aunts country residence in Wiltshire - I can't wait :) Oh, and I had a brainwave on the way out and checked the copies of the Speeches. Sure enough, one of them was signed.

I get the option to have 20 icons now. I went through a couple of weeks ago and had a prune of ones I don't use very often and I want to get some new ones, but this is where I fall down. Because I am not very artistic and so I need some inspiration. I don't like to use icons which are representations of another real person (although I am considering one of Cassie), so can you suggest pictures of me, cartoon characters I'm like or representative iconography you think would suit me. You can see the ones I've got currently here.

Weird. I just pressed send on the email and instead of selecting Outlook, it must have invisibly selected Real player because pressing escape caused my mp3 to jerk as if a CD had hit a scratch or something.

Despite still having the tail end of my cold/sore throat I actually made it to Combat at the gym and got all the way through it. And, coming back to the office, I found myself thinking something I never thought I would - I like going to the gym. Not in the same way that I like some other things, but when I come out after having done a class or a workout, I feel energised. My body feels tired but good, and mentally I feel good that I've made myself make the effort again and I like that feeling. I generally make it 3 times a week, and sometimes 4 and so I feel like I'm actually getting really good value from it, somewhat to my surprise.

Despite being rather stalled the last couple of weeks between social life and being ill (exchanging no point soup for a toastie for lunch yesterday!) I also feel like I'm getting quite a lot out of WeightWatchers. I've very nearly lost a stone (although I'm not sure if I'll have got the last 1/2 pound off after this weekend) and I'm feeling really positive about my ability to stick with it at the minute. I am getting slightly bored with the Slimfast soups and pastas that I've been having as easy low point lunches though - anyone got any suggestions? My leader is very keen on us keeping trackers and so on so I'm going to start posting in tinyjodiet again with my daily points so I can look back and see trends and stuff. I expect it to show that I drink too much. Speaking of which, I wonder if Lemsip has any points in.
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