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Have a very economical Christmas

Christmas is a time when it's easy for me to go over the top. I love buying presents for people and find that for some, it's easy for me to come away with several different things for them. This year though, I really need to clamp down, and get my finances under control. So, I'm only buying presents this year for family and Alex, and they're only getting one each (or 2 if they're both *really* cheap ones). So yeah, don't buy me stuff this year, plsthx.

Also, I'm not sending cards to people I see every week - it feels *so* schoolgirl to be handing out cards in the pub. On the other hand, if I don't see you but don't have your address and you'd like a card, you can mail me with your address and I'll send you a card. I was planning to make some cards this year but looking through my cross-stitch patterns I don't have any Christmassy ones! Loads of butterflys, a 60 cats booklet, but no reindeer. Still, the internet is bound to have some - after all, everything's out there somewhere
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